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Just buy our pro­fes­sio­nal Layout CAD Soft­ware. De­ve­lop your next elec­tro­nic de­sign easi­ly, all in one tool, all in one pro­ject-file.

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We have the right edition for all use cases! Whether you are a new customer, existing customer or an non-commercial user, we have the right product for you!


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You do not have a TARGET 3001! edition? Here you can find all editions (extenstions) of the current TARGET 3001! version. We have the right product for you!

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You have already one or more TARGET 3001! version(s)? You want to update to a higher version number or maybe upgrade to a larger edition (extension)? Here you will find an overview of all our products for existing customers.

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Hobbyist, student, trainee (m/f/d), school or even the whole campus, one user or many? We have the right solution ready for you: You've come to the right place!

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In addition to our main categories mentioned above, we also offer training courses tailored to your individual needs. We also distribute the ELECTRA Autorouter, which allows you to route quickly particularly large projects in TARGET 3001!



Our one-day seminars and individual training courses bring you up to date in the use of TARGET 3001! Live demonstrations and active work with the highest practical relevance.

Updates auf V30

Autorouter Electra

Get your ELECTRA Autorouter version! The Shape-Based Autorouter is fast and produces exceptionally good route results. It is a product of the KONEKT company from Belgium.

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