9.471,00  inkl. MwSt.

PCB Layout CAD Software
- Pins/Pads: unlimited
– Copper-layers: 100
- Simulation: unlimited
- Board-size: 2m x 2m
– Reverse Engineering: unlimited
- MID: unlimited
- Front Panel: unlimited
- commercial usage

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- Simulation: unlimited number of signals can be simulated simultaneously, mixed mode (digital and/or analog)
- Front panel: Milling path unlimited with automatic radius correction, format: Excellon. In DXF format unlimited (no automatic radius correction).
- MID: unlimited pins/pads (trace design on a 3D body, MechatronicInterconnectDevice)
- Reverse engineering: unlimited pins/pads (backward stepping PCB design, derivation of a schematic)
- Single-user license. No subscription. Can be run for an unlimited time. May be installed on more than one computer, but may not be open more than once at a time
- Parts database: unlimited access, free update
- Maintenance contract: Not required